Youtube TV announced today that they now have an agreement with HBO to sell HBO & Cinemax.  This is a nice additional way to improve the quality of content within the Youtube TV app for an extra monthly fee.  While this is nice to hear, what is amazing is they got the deal to include HBO Max.

HBO Max will launch May 2020, with all of HBO classic and new content, plus tens of thousands of hours of other ATT content including things like Friends and The Big Bang Theory.

No official word on how this deal will work out, but sources say that you can expect live HBO channels on Youtube TV and for sure regular HBO On Demand as well…  what we all hope for is the HBO Max content will be within the Youtube TV app, but that is not clear at this time.

HBO Max will launch at $14.99/mo, and there is no official word yet from Youtube TV if they will charge the exact same price or discount it.

One source expected $12/mo but he didn’t know the official price, he looked at other past Youtube TV pricing practices and made an educated guess.