Youtube TV added 2 new channels to it’s main $65/mo base package.

While neither channel is one of the most popular channels on TV, both do have a rather large following and decent viewership ratings.

WGN has a local/national news style show through out the day and in between has some of the most popular syndicated content and movies.

WGN is best known for it’s Chicago area sports contracts which allow them to air the games outside of their territory which is the reason the channel has remained on most cable and live tv streaming packages when other “super stations” disappeared or became cable channels like TBS did.

QVC and WGN are both live for all Youtube TV viewers nationwide.  If you are using the custom guide you will actually need to login to your account and check the “viewable check” on these channels to view them.

While these two channels may not be the most requested channels they do take Youtube TV a big step closer to allowing cable customers to switch to Youtube TV while feeling like they have the same basic content they are currently enjoying.  The Youtube TV service at $65/mo is cheaper than cable TV, likely by at least 50% savings on the TV portion of any cable bill.