The Xbox One X sees unbelievable jump in sales on September 22nd…



The Xbox One X was the best 4k console of this generation and Microsoft stopped making it a few months ago likely switching the factories to the next gen Xbox Series X.

Yesterday, September 22nd, millions of people jumped on all the top websites to buy a Xbox Series X, and they sold out almost immediately.

Now the question is why did the Xbox One X sell so many many many consoles that day?

The answer isn’t clear, the easiest guess of course is non serious gamers buying a Xbox Series X for someone else as a gift were confused and bought a $499 Xbox One X rather than the new Xbox Series X also priced at $499.

But here is the question, did the hype of the day get people looking for a console available today and that accounts for the jump in sales?  How about people limited to one console buying a 2nd current gen console for their 2nd tv?  Maybe lots of people realized they had leftover money since current controllers and equipment works with next gen and they used the savings on extra controllers and headsets and bought an extra Xbox that was in stock now.

At this time no one has an answer for the huge spike in current gen sales but there is no question Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy are bracing for a return onset.


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