Microsoft has had fun with the fans of Xbox when the fans created millions of memes about how the new Xbox looked like a fridge.  The community has gotten to play along now for quiet a while as the company made full sized fridges with an Xbox skin and then a round of promotional mini fridges as well.

Unfortunately these cool fridges were only promotional items for celebs and other people that work with the Xbox team.  Now sometime this year Microsoft plans to sell these mini fridges for anyone wants one.

No word yet on price or date other than the fact they said they will release it this year.

The size of the mini fridge is on the small size and only will hold a couple of cans or bottles and other products like this retail give or take around the $100 price point.  People are trying to guess the future pricing but that will likely depend on the quality.

Some fridges on Amazon or Walmart are $59 and some are over $200.

One thing for sure people are excited to get their hands on one of these mini fridges to deck out their gaming room.