Starting today you can grab an Xbox and not spend a penny more once you get home and still be able to play some of the most popular games like COD Warzone and Fortnite.  While it is almost a guarantee you will buy more games once home and you can’t really activate an Xbox without updating your credit card on file with Microsoft, you now can actually play the free to play games without spending one more cent.

Xbox has an amazing deal for $15/mo where you get all their premium connected features and 100’s of the best games to play for free and likely since it is such an amazing deal most Xbox owners do currently or will sometime in the future pick this option.

But you can save $5/mo and have the premium connected features for $9.99/mo currently called Xbox Live Gold soon to be renamed Xbox Network.

The Xbox Live features will now be free if the connected game you are playing is free to play.  So while the main Call of Duty game still requires Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Live Ultimate to play online, the free to play and download Warzone game within Call of Duty will no longer require this payment to Microsoft making Free to Play games truly free if you want.