OrlandoTheme Park Capital of the World — abounds with roller coasters. Ranging from wild to mild, there’s a coaster for everyone… making this city to go-to destination for fun. We’ve found the best… the wildest… the craziest rides out there. Let’s strap in and ride the Wildest 10 Coasters in Orlando

# 1 — Mako — Sea World Orlando — Experience the tallest, longest, fastest coaster in Orlando… Hop aboard Mako, the fastest of ocean sharks and ride this hyper coaster reaching speeds of 73 mph… soaring at heights of nearly 200 feet… and diving to thrilling depths.

# 2 — Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure — Universal’s Islands of Adventure — Board Hagrid‘s iconic motorbike as you set off on an exciting and immersive journey filled with mystical beasts in the Forbidden Forest… with seven different launches throughout the ride… and a free-fall vertical drop.

# 3 — Everest — Animal Kingdom — The Abominable Snowman awaits as you climb the Forbidden Mountain… where you meet the Yeti itself who re-routes your climb… sending you careening backwards in complete darkness… climbing again to race down an 80 foot drop to escape the monster’s clutches.

# 4 —  The Incredible Hulk Coaster — Universal’s Islands of Adventure — Be propelled at fighter jet speed as Hulk-like power catapults you into a zero-gravity roll… racing you through seven inversions… and blasting along two subterranean trenches for a breathless ride.

# 5 — Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster — Hollywood Studios — Launch 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds as you fly through the “O” of the infamous Hollywood Sign in your limo… and zoom through the streets of L.A. enroute to the Aerosmith concert… as Aerosmith tunes blast on this high-speed chase.

# 6 — Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit — Universal Studios Florida — Choose your own soundtrack to entertain you as you … climb vertically 17 stories high… only to plunge down the other side… race around the track at top speeds… and sail through the air on a non-inverting loop.

# 7 — Kraken — Sea World Orlando — Brave the only floorless coaster in Orlando and encounter the mythical sea creature Kraken… while you are sent flying at highway speeds… soaring to towering heights… and spiraling through intense inversions.

# 8 — Big Thunder Mountain Railroad — Magic Kingdom — Head over to Frontierland for a wild ride through the Old West aboard a runaway mine train… dipping and barreling along rickety tracks… by way of underground caverns, waterfalls, and “collapsing” abandoned mines.

# 9 — Revenge of the Mummy — Universal Studios Florida “The Mummy” motion picture comes alive on this ultrafast coaster that plunges you into inky darkness… and sends you on an adventure chased by the mummy Imhotep through his tomb… where scarab beetles attack… and soldier mummies invade.

# 10 — Space Mountain — Magic Kingdom — Board this classic coaster in Tomorrowland for a galactic rocket ride through absolute darkness… with surprising twists, twirls and drops that send you careening through outer space… blasting past meteors and shooting stars… and spinning down wormholes.

Ready to brave one of the Wildest 10 Coasters in Orlando?