Today, November 10th, Xbox Series X and Series S launched.  But if you wanted one you basically couldn’t buy one unless you were a lucky few.

The lucky few are happy now unless they want more than one console in their homes or other places they play.

When can the rest of us actually buy a new Series X or PS5?

Well for PS5 you can be one of the lucky few on launch day in a couple days, but for the rest of us, (the many many many of us), you can likely buy one on black Friday.

November 25th, official black friday, is the likely first point you can get your hands on one if you are interested in a console as soon as possible.

Microsoft said months ago the first point easy access to their next gen console is going to first be available without tight issues based upon demand is December 1st.

I had hoped like many that their Dec 1st was for non-gamers to be able to buy the console, but that may take until next year.

If you want a new console the best bet is to be on your favorite websites Nov 25th, black friday.  For everyone looking to just casually show up at your favorite site and add a console to cart it appears that Dec 1st will be the first day that retailer wholesale shipments will catch up with demand.