The largest physical retailer, and the world’s largest non-government employer, and other titles could apply to Walmart as a company.  But online sales were never a priority and sales were low as a result.

A few years back Walmart got serious about going head to head with Amazon and they succeeded in a big way grabbing billions a year of sales from Amazon and Ebay.  Amazon fought back and won some of that back while growing e-commerce overall.

Then the virus hit and overnight all the big sites saw huge sales online and was accidently positioned perfectly for the unexpected Covid event seeing massive online sales when many people were and still are avoiding physical in store retail as much as possible.

Now the latest CNBC report on US retail e-commerce sales shows a truly amazing jump in market share for Walmart, surpassing every online retailer beside Amazon.

Amazon still has a 8 times the size volume lead over, but has recently just surpassed the total sales at Ebay. has been gaining market share while Ebay has been shedding sales to companies like Etsy and Shopify.  Even Amazon and have been hitting Ebay hard through their open sales platform which allows small business to sell on Amazon and just starting getting serious about fresh grocery sales delivered to home recently so expect next year’s chart to be very different for Walmart and it’s digital sales.