Become immersed in this island oasis… a tropical South Seas paradise! Universal calls Volcano Bay its “third gate”… their water theme park, just next door to Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure. Take the plunge in the craziest of water slides… catch a ride at the wave pool… or kick back in the lazy river. This family-friendly theme park offers water fun for everyone… from the daring adventurers to the more laid-back members of your group.

The signature landmark of Volcano Bay is Krakatau… a 200 foot tall volcano… and the tallest peak in Florida! Waterfalls cascade down its face… and fiery lava illuminates it at night. The volcano houses four of the park’s wildest water rides…

  • Krakatau Aqua Coaster — Hop aboard your 4-person canoe and fly through the volcano on a water coaster filled with twists and turns… and a final splash through a waterfall.
  • Ko’okiri Body Plunge — This is only for the bravest… a 70 degree fall through a tube shooting you 125 feet down the volcano… the tallest trap door waterslide in America!
  • Kala & Tai Nui Serpentine Slides — Plunge side by side with your fellow adventurer down these waterslides of clear, intertwining tubes.
  • Punga Racers — Race against your friends through underwater sea caves on manta ray mats.

Waturi Beach is the site of the park’s wave pool… where the waves are always perfect. The view from the lagoon is striking beneath the towering volcano with waterfalls splashing into the pool. There’s even a leisure pool for those who want calmer waters. Or just relax on the sandy beach and enjoy the Florida sunshine.

Rainforest Village features exciting water rides and slides…

  • Maku Puihi — Step into your saucer raft and catapult through lava tubes and caverns… with a zero-gravity hang time before your final plunge into the pool.
  • TeAwa, the Fearless River — Don your life vest and tumble your way through churning river rapids.
  • Ohyah & Ohno — Oh yeah! & Oh no! may be your shouts as you shoot along these serpentine slides landing at the base of Krakatau.
  • Taniwha Tubes —  Four twisting, turning slides with tikis along the way to surprise you with sprays of water.

River Village offers entertaining and refreshing attractions…

  • Honu Ika Moana — Ride the waves like the ancient Waturi on this daring raft ride with geysers erupting like whales’ blowholes.
  • Kopiko Wai Winding River — A lazy river ride is the perfect way to unwind… passing through caverns magically lit like the night sky.

Water lovers of all ages will love Volcano Bay at Universal Orlando. What better way to cool off on a warm Florida day!