Vidgo TV is an over the internet Live TV service.  They have experienced massive growth in 2021 with their 2 months for just $10/mo special promotion.

The $10/mo promotion brought in a huge number of streaming customers checking out the service and that large spike in subscriber count and subscriber usage has allowed the company to now expand it’s channel lineup much easier since license holders or programmers are actually quiet interested in their large number of viewers to sell to advertisers.

The following 3 new channels have been added to Vidgo TV at no additional cost.

OAN which is a news channel getting lots of attention these days.

AWE which stands for a wealth of entertainment copies the Discovery Channel feel for their programs.

One TV Network which describes itself as TV One’s programming targets African American adults with a broad mix of original lifestyle and entertainment-oriented series, documentaries, movies, concert performances and reruns of sitcoms from the 1970s through the 2000s.

The $10/mo promotion for 2 months still is available for new subscribers and they offer their streaming platform on Roku as well as multiple other devices.

As someone who tried their service a year or more ago I can tell you that their Roku app is much more advanced than that of their other app store apps for now.  But they did make updates every week or so, with improvements across the platforms, and still plan to add missing features such as DVR and game console support for Xbox and Playstation.