I have long wondered why the drive thru companies didn’t find a way to have multiple lanes and or holding areas for people with longer wait times, where they could pull aside and let faster orders go by first.

The industry focused instead on speed of service at the one drive thru window instead.

I have for years also wondered why they didn’t put the kitchen above 3-6 drive thru lanes and use a “dumb waiter” elevator for your food.  Now BK is doing just this.

BK is making a more car centered and touch free centric store design with multiple drive thru lanes and food lockers you can unlock with your phone to get your mobile order.

Amazingly this is the actual store they plan to build in Miami soon.  The other planned new stores are actually south of Miami meaning the Caribbean and South America not Key West.

This new store design is good for the neighborhood, it fits in 40% less space while actually giving guests slightly more indoor and now high quality outdoor dining space.  This allows for commercial roadside real-estate prices to become a bit cheaper over time which will allow consumers to pay less for things in their area.  It’s even slightly better for the environment in multiple ways than the old design including the fact that you wait for your order in the shade which makes you less likely to turn on your AC while in the drive thru.  The slightly larger rooftop actually allows, if they want to add solar panels at some point, to add about a dozen extra solar panels to their roof.

And diners get a little exercise now when at BK by using the stairs to sit and eat.