A new series just debuted on Disney+ in honor of Mickey Mouse‘s 92nd birthday. This iconic mouse was “born” November 18, 1928 when he first appeared in “Steamboat Willie”, one of the first ever cartoons with sound. The new cartoon series — “The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse — now streaming on Disney+, stars Mickey and his favorite friends, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daisy and Pluto.

The magic of Disney makes the impossible possible in these inventive new cartoons. Hearkening back to the style of the 1928 Mickey Mouse cartoon beginnings, plus adding a contemporary artistic flair, this entertaining series will not disappoint. Mickey and crew set out on wild adventures that are are fun and whimsical. Mickey plays his usual plucky, lovable character who takes whatever life throws at him in his comical way.

These animated shorts are reminiscent of the neo-vintage cartoon style featured in the latest attraction at Hollywood Studios, Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. This ride, the first ever at any Disney park to feature the classic duo, Mickey & Minnie, is cutting edge in its innovative technology. Guests are caught up into the action and taken on a wild, whirlwind railroad ride with unexpected twists, turns and surprises.

“The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse” cartoon series will release ten new shorts this year on Disney+, two each Friday, beginning with…

  • Cheese Wranglers — Heroic Mickey ventures into the Wild West and faces off against the notorious Peg Leg Pete
  • House of Tomorrow — Curious Mickey sneaks into Von Drake’s “House of Tomorrow” and experiences the high tech world of the future
  • Hard to Swallow — Intrepid Mickey faces trouble as he tries to get mischievous Pluto to swallow a simple little pill
  • School of Fish — Lovable Mickey faces separation anxiety when his fish Gubbles heads off for his first day of school

Tune in to Disney+ for a time of laughs and good times with Mickey Mouse and his jolly crew of friends.