“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”

Enter The Mandalorian… lone ranger… gunslinger… bounty hunter. He’s a rebel… he’s ruthless… he fights for his cause. A wild west cowboy on the galactic frontier. Yet we find he has a soft spot. Behind this masked and armored persona beats a heart that cares… at least for one very special creature.

This captivating new series streaming on Disney+ has been wildly successful… especially popular with Star Wars fans. The time frame places it about five years after Return of the Jedi… following the fall of the Empire, yet before the rise of the First Order. Lucasfilm‘s Writer and creator Jon Favreau has played off of the Star Wars movies… at a cost of over $100 million. Has it proved to be worth the high price? Filled with all the action, special effects and unique characters seen in any Star Wars movie, viewers find it to be exciting and engaging. The creative new locales, spaceships, aliens, robots… all come together for a fantastic ride.

Yet who is this creature the Mandalorian risks his life to save? Star Wars fans are excited to see a return of the beloved Yoda character lost in Return of the Jedi. Yet this Yoda is a child… a new generation… with the power of the Force behind it. In a daunting battle with an alien prehistoric-like beast, Baby Yoda protects the Mandalorian from certain death. The Child appears to have all the powers… and appeal… of the original Yoda.

What will the Mandalorian do with his new charge… a mere baby floating along behind him in its futuristic orb? Tune into this new series only available on Disney+. The series, now heading for Season 2, is an adventure well worth the time. As for Baby Yoda... to use a Yoda-ism from Attack of the Clones“Truly wonderful, the mind of a child”. Perhaps this is what the Mandalorian is discovering?