The 2021 lineup of LG TV’s have many upgrades over previous years.

While frankly the 4k quality was really good years ago they have improved yet again slightly with the picture quality.

However the app store in the new generation of TV’s is on version 6.0 and they are now treating this as a selling point, going so far as to license the platform to other TV manufactures that don’t have their own app store.  The store has everything from Hulu to SiriusXM radio and of course Netflix and Youtube.

The new TV’s have hit online retailers although it says not yet available at my local Best Buy store.  The first available shipping date for my area is May 5th from Best Buy.

Multiple retailers have multiple different types of TV’s and sizes with different pricing.  Here’s a secrete tip, it looks like NewEgg and B&H Photo are trying to lure you in with a day one launch sale price on many sizes and sku’s.