As cities across the globe cancel their traditional spectacular New Year’s Eve activities, we can all still celebrate in style in the comfort of our own homes. Even if your “party” is only you and your pet, you can still ring in the New Year with panache. Here are ten top ways to ring in 2021 with sparkle and flair…

  • 1.  Put on your finest — Who doesn’t feel celebratory when decked out in their best? Ditch your everyday togs this night for something with a little more pizzazz.
  • 2.  Decorate for the “party” —  Create the mood with New Year’s décor. Balloons, signs, streamers… anything glittery and festive.
  • 3.  Invent new appetizers — Rather than a fancy dinner, try out some new recipes. Hors d’oeuvres are easy to make and offer interesting new tastes.

  • 4.  Devise a new cocktail — Raise your spirits with a tasty new concoction. Make it this year’s cocktail and give it a special name. Serve it in a 2021 commemorative glass for a special touch.
  • 5.  Turn on some retro tunes — Walk down memory lane with favorite music from earlier years. Sing along or dance it up… it’s all good fun.
  • 6.  Create a memory jar — Place all the best memories of the upcoming year in the jar, starting with this New Year’s Eve. Plan to open it next New Year’s Eve for a fun time of nostalgia.
  • 7.  Break out a few board games — This is a perfect evening to play those games that never get played. Bring your competitive spirit and enjoy some lively times.

  • 8.  Bake up a new dessert — Choose from a vast array of holiday recipes. Sweet treats are always popular. Curl up and enjoy while you…
  • 9.  Watch a classic movie — Tired of Christmas movies? There are unending choices of movies to stream… from seasonal to classics… rom-coms to sci-fis… whatever your preference.
  • 10.  Break open the bubbly — Pop open some champagne and toast the New Year. Watch virtually and count down as the Waterford crystal ball drops in Times Square. Celebrate the arrival of 2021!