Elon Musk is trying to get millions of people connected to high speed internet that aren’t currently connected to the internet using satellites in space named Starlink.

They already are offering thousands of individual people a beta version of it’s internet service with a descriptive title for the beta that sums it up called “better than nothing high speed internet”.  People can sign up with no bandwidth restrictions and high speeds that can handle Netflix or Youtube for $99.99/mo.

People buy a $499 small uplink kit which is just a small satellite, that is easier to install than DirectTV because it points itself.

In Canada a rural broadband/tv provider appears to be adding large scale Starlink satellites to connect the whole town.  The company will use this possibly as a back up or maybe as their main internet in and out of town and for the standard $70/mo everyone in town uses this company’s fiber to connect to the internet seemingly as usual.

It looks like a small town will need 10-15 of these huge satellite bulbs to work properly because they have a few installed but clear plans to add about 12 more satellite hubs.