Disney parks may be closed… yet all the animals at Animal Kingdom are growing and thriving under the watchful, loving attention of its Animal Care Team. In fact, two new babies have just been born at the park…

A new baby porcupette was born to mom, Peri, a prehensile tailed porcupine. The baby girl is covered in fine, red fur, with tiny quills underneath that begin to harden within a week.

Native to South America, these porcupines are adept at climbing. Their prehensile tails allow them to grasp branches and easily navigate through the forest canopy. They are nocturnal, tree-loving animals who feed on flowers, leaves and bark. Mom and baby are part of the Species Survival Plan.

A new Hartmann’s zebra foal also just arrived… weighing in at 65 pounds at birth. Born to first time mother, Heidi, the baby girl is long-legged, curious and frisky. The pair are also part of the Species Survival Plan here at Animal Kingdom. Hartmann’s zebras are native to sub-Saharan Africa and are considered vulnerable species due to hunting and habitat loss.

Mother and baby are beginning the bonding process. The baby foal will memorize the unique markings of her mother’s stripes and imprint her mother’s scent so as to tell her apart from the rest of the herd. Once a strong bond is created, they will be released into the savanna.

When Animal Kingdom reopens, the baby porcupette will debut at the Conservation Station at Rafiki’s Planet Watch. The Hartmann’s zebra foal will be on view on the savanna of the Kilimanjaro Safaris.