Pluto TV started it’s life simply integrating free 24 hour feeds called channels from AFV, IGN, Cnet and others.  They launched some free content around this but with the exception of Norm McDonald’s content not much stuck.  Then they paid for a huge catalog licence mostly from MGM and Warner Media, and the service took off.

Now Viacom owns it, charges nothing, and has amazing channels, 250 amazing channels in fact.

Now the app is upgraded to have sections and favorites.  They also added about a half dozen premium music video channels mostly with the MTV branding.

Downloading this free app on your Roku or Xbox will help with the boring moments of this next month.

I’d suggest starting on the Tosh.0 channel even if you don’t like his show, scroll up until you find a 24/7 show channel you love and then explore the app while Baywatch or Gordon Ramsay are playing.