Pepsi over the years has played around with multiple “weird” Pepsi versions.

My favorite of these unique Pepsi variations was the cult favorite Crystal Pepsi which had a commercial campaign so large and memorable that people still know that the song for Crystal Pepsi was Van Halen’s Right Now.

Another cult favorite is making a comeback, Pepsi Blue.  This soda didn’t get the fanfare from Pepsi that Crystal Pepsi got and was only released for 2 years starting in 2002 in the US and Canada.

The bright blue, berry flavored cola, will be available in the US everywhere Pepsi products are sold (in 20-oz bottles, as well as 16.9-oz/16-oz 6 packs, PET 6-pack and 16.9-oz 8 packs).

Expect that when they say limited supply and time they mean it. If you want this classic soda grab one when you can, because Crystal Pepsi didn’t have as many bottles made as fans had hoped.