NBC Universal is shutting down NBC Sports Net, which some internet bloggers are stating is because of cord cutting.  While a smaller subscriber base and lower usage numbers for cable tv are real, and it is part of the story, this may not actually be the whole story.

Comcast, America’s largest cable provider, actually helped launch NBCSN as a negotiation tactic with other “over priced” sports channels.  Comcast was never really stating that too often, so it’s not a well known fact, but that was a large part of the internal motivation at NBC and Comcast at the time for making the NBCSN sports channel.

ESPN, Fox Sports, and the NFL owned channels all reigned in their price hikes (in fact some lowered their prices by a lot) and this channel, NBCSN, actually now maybe less profitable than putting the sports programming on USA Network and increasing more profitable and popular surrounding programs like Chrisley Knows Best.

It makes sense that the NHL Games should be on USA Network seeing how popular and helpful the WWE programs are for USA Network.



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