“This is your mission… should you choose to accept it.”

If you missed this blockbuster hit when it was in the theaters, now is your chance to catch it on streaming TV. Action-packed, this thriller amazes! Mission: Impossible? Not for Tom Cruise. Together again with his loyal team, he is unstoppable. Epic stunts, mind-boggling predicaments, plot twists and turns highlight this 6th, and arguably best, movie in the MI series.

Agent Ethan Hunt, top agent in the U.S. government’s Impossible Mission Force (IMF), is off again to save the world… this time from a deadly terrorist organization. Their ultimate plan could take out a third of the world’s population… opening up an opportunity to establish a new world order. Three canisters of plutonium must be kept out of the hands of the terrorists to avoid this monumental disaster. Hero Hunt and his team set out on this mission… with an everchanging playbook, improvising with each new plot twist, battling against time… it’s a wild ride!

Throughout the movie, Tom Cruise astounds with incredible stunts… all of which he performs himself. Not bad for a 56-year-old actor. Director Christopher McQuarrie describes the filming… “We kept pulling off these big gags and saying, ‘It’s just not big enough.’ Then we took stock halfway through filming and it was like, ‘Hey, this movie is crazy!'” Eluding armed pursuers through the streets of Paris on a motorcycle, sprinting at top speed through London, leaping from building to building, hanging from a razor-sharp cliff 2,000 feet above a Norwegian fjord… it’s all in a day’s work for Agent Hunt.

At one point in the movie, Hunt leaps and catches hold of a helicopter’s payload as it takes off. He climbs the rope up to the copter, loses his grip, and freefalls 40 feet back down to the payload.

The ensuing helicopter chase is filled with adrenaline… ending in a riveting finale that outdoes all previous Mission: Impossible movies.

Most impressive of Cruise‘s stunts is his low-opening HALO parachute jump… an extended freefall from 30,000 feet, reaching speeds of up to 220 mph. The actor made 106 jumps in order to piece together enough footage for this breathtaking action sequence.

New to this movie is a look into the vulnerable side of Agent Hunt… his sacrifices for his team and his family over the course of his dangerous missions. Mission: Impossible — Fallout is a thriller not to be missed. Check it out now on your favorite streaming channel.