Last Man Standing’s Season 8 Finale just aired… yet was it the finale? And will there be a Season 9? Tim Allen stars in this successful comedy on FOX where he plays Mike Baxter, odd man out with a wife and three daughters. He relishes his “manly-man” job as marketing director at Outdoor Man, a sporting goods superstore. His entertaining Vlogs allow him to air his frustrations… and political views. Over the years, the series has survived cast changes, cancellations, network changes. Yet fans still remain loyal.

Many TV series grappled with filming shutdowns due to the pandemic. Yet Last Man Standing was down to the wire, ready to film the season finale…

“I think the best analogy is a sports analogy for me,” Allen said. “We got right up to bat, we were gonna win the game, it was pretty obvious we were gonna finish the game and everything was gonna be alright. And then we got a thunderstorm and a rain delay and they cancelled the game and we never came back.”

The result? A cliffhanger finale, as Episode 21 became the last episode of the season. Episode 22 was never able to be filmed. Eve just returns home from Air Force Academy when Kristin goes into labor. The episode ends with all the Baxters at the hospital awaiting the arrival of their new family member. Tim Allen referred to it as a “pseudo-finale”“our tee-up show”… and “a great premiere for a potential Season 9.

Will there be a Season 9? FOX has not yet announced a new season for Last Man Standing. Executive Producer Kevin Abbott shared that if Season 9 becomes a reality, he plans to include in upcoming storylines the effects of the pandemic on the Baxter family. Abbott explained, “I’m the one that believes comedy is important in a time like this… laughter shrinks troubles down to a size where you can talk about them.”

Loyal Last Man Standing fans will have to wait for the announcement from FOX. Yet past shows from seasons back to 2011 can be enjoyed on streaming channels including HULU and Sling TV.