Everyone’s favorite Disney dogs, Goofy and Pluto, are famous the world over. Now the man behind their voices is stepping out from behind the microphone and in front of the camera to host the new series on Disney+, It’s a Dog’s Life. “Gawrsh!” Dog lovers and kids of all ages will love this new show hosted by Bill Farmer. The dogs he showcases are real-life heroes helping humans in amazing ways.

His cast of characters are “dogs with jobs”… jobs that require the unique skills of a canine. Farmer shared, “There are so many jobs dogs can do for us. It blew my mind… About 90% of the dogs featured on the show are rescue dogs.” Take these two dogs with a special sense that can recognize dangerous scents in beehives. They help beekeepers detect deadly diseases that could decimate bee populations.

Or this lovable pup who works in the San Juan Islands using his perceptive sense of smell to locate whale poop. Scientists at the University of Washington analyze the specimens to determine reasons for the declining killer whale populations… and ways to help the whales rebound.

This canine is one of many at the Cincinnati Zoo who are paired with cheetah cubs at birth to be their loyal companions. This helps zookeepers socialize the animals. Farmer shared of the bond created, “They come to love each other.”

And there’s Jojo. He may not look like he’s working… yet he’s a champion surfing Corgi, winner of numerous dog surfing contests. When he’s not surfing, he works as a companion therapy dog at military hospitals and nursing homes. Tune into this new series on Disney+, It’s a Dog’s Life… and meet other furry workers who are helping change the world… one pup at a time!