Door Dash and it’s competitors have all seen delivery sky rocket in 2020 for obvious reasons.  Door Dash has a shocking discount that can save a heavy user hundreds of dollars per month.  But is it worth it for you?

At $9.99/mo Door Dash’s unlimited free delivery program called Dash Pass is an incredible value.  How much you save per month over the $10/mo fee varies based upon how much you use Door Dash and which restaurants you frequent.

Dash Pass is actually up to the local restaurant to join, which will save Dash Pass subscribes about 25% per order, potentially doubling orders from Door Dash for the restaurant.

If you like using the restaurants in your local area that are a part of Dash Pass and order a just a few times a month you will save money.  Lot’s in fact.

My local Panera Bread costs $3.99 delivery fee, but with Dash Pass this fee is discounted to $0.  Then they take the percentage fee and drop it from 21%, by 16% off, to 5% fee.  This means if I order 3 sandwiches from Panera with drinks I would save about $10 in delivery fees on the first order…  making all future Dash Pass orders for the rest of the month a huge discount with no catch.

I highly recommend using Dash Pass if you use Door Dash on a regular basis.  The savings really add up.