I turn on my Xbox everyday so I have actually been trying to get a Xbox Series X since preorder.  The problem is simply finding a site that isn’t sold out in only four minutes.

If you tried to order during any of the rushes on Xbox or PS5 shipments, you would likely not beat enough people and bots to checkout to actually purchase your new console.

Well, I finally figured I would likely have to wait until after Christmas to realistically purchase a shiny new Xbox Series X after Holiday sales slowed down.

Then I found it…  a magical tool, a magical site, they told me when to actually get an Xbox from a retail site (which happened that day to be Microsoft.com) and I was able to actually purchase my Xbox.

Not only did I actually get it shipped, Microsoft initially said the 23rd of December, but now shipped it and the tracking number says the 16th of December.  Earlier than expected!

What tool/site did I find that worked for me…   http://www.hotstock.io/us   They actually let you know when the next shipment drops of many hot items including both consoles.  Enjoy!

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