HBO Max launched fairly recently and while it was all of HBO with billions of dollars of Warner Media content like The Big Bang Theory and many quality new Max Originals as they are called people had two major complaints.  The first was it was missing on LG TV’s, Rokus, and Fire TV.  Second it had no 4k, nothing.

In November they made a deal to add HBO Max to Fire TV calming everyone’s concerns with Roku or LG app store habits…  but still no word on 4k.

Now they are about to get serious about 4k at HBO Max, and to signal this gift they are giving to subscribers will be good, they are giving Wonder Woman 1984 in 4k.

The new Wonder Woman film will debut for free on HBO Max on Christmas Day, the same day it launches in theaters.  The film will be available day 1 in beautiful 4k with all the 4k bells and whistles like Dolby & HDR support.

Some 4k devices will work on the 1st day this launches, some 4k devices like Xbox and Playstation will wait a month or two for 4k support to be added.

HBO Max is available through select providers like Hulu w/Live TV, Youtube TV, Cox, and Comcast for the same price as stand alone HBO (typically $15/mo) which will allow you to watch Game of Thrones within your main DVR and main Live TV box or app… or the service can be ordered directly in a stand alone HBO Max app for $14.99/mo.

HBO Max is believed to now have over 10 million subscribers in the US.