One of the most popular and most watched shows on Netflix for years now has been Gossip Girl.  People love binge watching Gossip Girl on Netflix.  However Netflix recently announced they lost rights to Gossip Girl, but oddly no streaming service claimed rights loudly to Gossip Girl moving to their service leaving Gossip Girl fans concerned on how they would continue watching their favorite show.

HBO Max just added the show to their service for free, allowing fans to continue viewing Chuck, Blair, and the entire Upper East Side gang in HD with no commercials in sight.

HBO Max has announced plans to release Gossip Girl 2.0 at some point.  Oddly not getting as much fan praise as may have been expected since fans aren’t sure how the existing or new cast would make the show remain compelling this time around.  Hopefully fans will be pleased when the final new Gossip Girl 2.0 series reaches fans via HBO Max.

HBO Max can now be purchased through most live to packages including Comcast/Spectrum cable, Hulu w/Live TV, Youtube TV, and directly through HBO Max for $14.99/mo.  4k is included now for select titles, it remains commercial free, and now is on Fire TV and Roku devices as well as LG TV’s, Xbox’s, and Android TVs and Phones, Tivo and additional devices and providers.