Many people have heard of the big channel changes happening at Fubo TV.

The Turner channels are removed from the channel lineup at this time, and they did not call this a dispute, simply a removal.  These may return someday, they may be gone for good based upon the wording.  I doubt they even know at Fubo.  Fubo is citing price concerns.

Disney owned channels will be added shortly including ABC, Disney, ESPN, and Freeform, along with at least a dozen other Disney owned channels.

Today NBC LX and Newsmax simply showed up with no notice or fanfare as fully viewable with the base package.

Newsmax is fairly famous at this point for 24 hour news and once featured Bill O’Riely on the weekends.

NBC LX stands for Local X, and is run by your local NBC station and is supposed be local news, but when I watched this morning at 6am in Florida they were re-airing something from NBCU channel E!.

The good news beyond these two new channel additions is the Disney owned channels should be replacing the gap left by the Turner channels soon.