On the show CHIPS, there was no bigger star than Erik Estrada, who played Officer Frank Poncherello for 139 episodes from 1977 to 1983.

Turns out he and his real life pal Dean Cain both put on a real life police uniform in a very small Idaho town called St Anthony.

Dean Cain famously played Superman in the 90’s and now seems to love doing Hallmark Movie Channel movies.

Both Superman and Ponch are actually reserve officers which does require some training and part time work.  The small town of St Anthony, Idaho needs back up that isn’t full time because it is a smaller town with just 20 full time officers policing the streets.

“Cpl. Anderson supporting local area law enforcement as St. Anthony PD swears in Reserve Officer Dean Cain who played Superman in the TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. #BackTheBlue,” the state police wrote on Twitter.

“Nothing could be more important than being here,” Cain said. “This is a wonderful opportunity. It’s great to be here with the guys and to put on this uniform.”

So if you are driving through Idaho and you think you see the Chips star pulling you over, you are not imagining things, he really is.

Now if only the T2 cop, Robert Patrick, would join the force and do traffic stops on a motor bike 🙂