Dog Haus has been collaborating with chefs for their ongoing Chef Collaboration Series.

Sam Zien, better known as Sam The Cooking Guy, is a legendary chef for those who subscriber to cable in San Diego since he has been the main cooking show on Cox Cable’s Channel 4 San Diego for close to 2 decades and owns multiple San Diego restaurants.  For the rest of the world he has become popular in the last couple years on Youtube.

The new Asian inspired dog is called the Mr Miyagi and consists of a deep-fried all beef dog topped with caramelized onions, mayo, teriyaki sauce, tempura crumbles and wasabi furikake, served on grilled King’s Hawaiian rolls.

This collab is extra special because $1 of every dog is donated to No Kid Hungry.

Contactless delivery is available all over the place.  In fact Dog Haus has begun to role out delivery only kitchens called ghost or digital kitchens which only use delivery apps in the area to sell their food which saves on space, labor, and start up costs and difficulties.

Watch Sam the Cooking Guy make his hotdog on his Youtube Channel below.