DiGiorno is known for innovating frozen pizza crust in a big way once before.  Not everyone loves the self rising crust, but for those that do they feel no need in some cases to order more expensive delivery.  Which the marketing team at DiGiorono famously points out every time they can.

Now the team at DiGiorono is selling a new crust option that has the protentional to be just as popular.  The new Croissant crust is a flakey buttery crust topped with the usual toppings of cheese and pepperoni.

They are touting it’s made with 100 percent real cheese.  The new Croissant Crust pizzas are available in Pepperoni, Four Cheese and Three Meat.

The pizzas will be available to all retailers eventually but Target gets to sell the first wave exclusively and they expect the pizzas to be priced about $6.49 to $7.49 each depending on toppings.