Where else will you be entertained by an alien DJ as you dine? Magic Kingdom is the site for out-of-this-world food and entertainment.

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café… nestled in Tomorrowland across from Tomorrowland Speedway… features great food… plus “the biggest little star in the galaxy”Sonny Eclipse — resident lounge singer. He’ll entertain you as you enjoy your meal with interplanetary hit songs and outer space jokes. Be sure to catch his entire 30 minute act.

Cosmic Ray’s offers some stellar burger options…

  • Mickey Cheeseburger — Flame broiled 1/3 pound Angus burger topped with Mac & Cheese, American Cheese, Cheese Sauce, Flaming Hot Cheese Dust & Bacon served in a Brioche Mickey Bun

  • Super Stretchy Burger — Inspired by “Mrs. Incredible” — Elastigirl — of The Incredibles… Flame grilled Angus Beef piled high with deep fried Mozzarella Sticks, American Cheese, Bacon & Garlic Ranch in a Brioche Bun stamped with “The Incredibles” logo

  • Pork Belly Burger — Only available on the “Mobile Order Secret Menu” via the My Disney Experience app… Angus Beef & Pork Belly 1/2 pound Burger Blend layered with Smoked Gouda, Pork Rinds & Sriracha Aioli served on a Brioche Bun & topped with Fried Pickle Chips

Sonny Eclipse even has his own dessert… Cookies & Cream Cheesecake drizzled with Chocolate decorated with “Galaxy” Sprinkles & a White Chocolate Sonny Souvenir

Of course… Sonny Eclipse is the star of the show here. He plays his original cosmic tunes on a glowing Astro Organ… tunes like “Planetary Boogie” & “Gravity Blues”… backed by his invisible trio, the Space Angels.

Sonny shares about his hometown of Yew Nork City on Planet Zork“a topsy-turvy town where the subways are up and the streets are down”. Even a few intergalactic jokes are part this lovable alien’s act… “You know, I recently heard the universe was expanding. Guess it’s time to loosen the asteroid belt!” Quite the entertainer!

Stop by Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café at Magic Kingdom for one of their stellar burgers and catch an act by Sonny Eclipse… their resident alien DJ.