Jim Gaffigan is one of the most popular comics of all time.  He is currently enjoying the fact that he has a 24/7 SiriusXM channel called the Jim Gaffigan Channel for a limited time, he does a segment every Sunday morning on CBS, and he has one of the funniest bits of all time with “Hot Pockets”.

At the start of quarantine he felt the need to help people who may be alone and started Dinner with the Gaffigans. It’s a nightly fun hour or more with his entire family every evening about 6pm around the dinner table.  The show is very popular and he collects money for worthy charities every night quietly in the section most streamers get donations for themselves for streaming.

We compiled his Top 4 jokes that are available on Youtube…

#1 — Hot Pockets

#2 — Kale Propaganda

#3 — Subway

#4 — Bars Are Adult Playgrounds


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