ATT has been all over the place trying to figure out cord cutting and ATT’s future in TV.

ATT has basically been winding down it’s support and interest for old school distribution platforms such as their U-Verse service and DirecTV service hoping to focus on streaming.

They launched multiple laughably cheap high quality steaming services including the most famous which was once called DirecTV Now.  They had other offerings with fewer channels for $15/mo.

ATT has stopped selling these cheaper services to new customers and sold a $15 billion share of DirecTV to an investment group.

Now they seem focused on the future with their service ATT TV, a big bundle with a traditional box that uses the internet rather than cable to provide the same basic tv lineup.

They have offered recently many promos including no contract required, free HBO Max, and other deals with free DVR service.

Most important to see their future goal with ATT TV as a success is the fact they are now adding additional channels.  The new channel added is Newsmax which is now the fourth highest rated news channel in America.  The channel addition signals a clear desire for ATT TV to find and license popular content to add to the ATT TV channel lineup and platform.