As cable prices go up and consumers find more and more alternatives like Xbox and Netflix, cable is loosing subscribers every year by the millions.

While there is likely a short term pause on people cancelling in home entertainment of any kind including cable with the #stayhome policy, millions of American’s are expected to restart the growing trend of cutting the cord in the next few months.

Financial pressure that many American’s will feel after our lives return to normal will cause millions of people to shave costs all around, and cable with it’s high price tag is always one of the things people look at first these days.

Estimates are that Comcast will lose 1.67 million subscribers in 2020, Charter will lose an estimated 1.08 million, Altice will lose an estimated 230,000, AT&T will lose an estimated 2.2 million, and Dish will lose an estimated 695,000.

While the above numbers are big, they are not shocking, and they do not take into account the thousands of smaller cable operators that will loose millions combined as well.  So the 6,000,000 estimate of cord cutters next year is a low guess.

What can you do if you want to cut the cord?  You can start with grabbing a streaming device whether fancy like Apple TV or Xbox, or a cheap streaming stick with roku/android/fire software.

The best apps to download first are Pluto TV (free), Hulu/Disney+/ESPN+ (12.99/mo), Netflix (7.99-15.99), Youtube (free), Crackle (free), Tubi (free), and Vudu (Pay-Per-View).